Variety "Koroneiki"... the queen of olives

olive tree

Our olive oil consist of: 

  • single variety
  • exceptionally low acidity
  • a deep, bright green color 
  • a smooth and bittersweet taste feeling of freshly cut grass, tomatoes and almond
  • A very fine extra virgin olive oil from Messinia, with fresh aroma and taste, rich in texture and healthy antioxidants.

Its uniqueness…grows only in Greece


olive groove

Our family have literally grown up along side our trees as, traditionally, land is inherited from generation to generation. The cultivation cycle starts in mid-February. We use traditional methods. We believe that high quality olive oil simply cannot be produced with the excessive use of heat and chemicals. Also, we avoid to stress the tree in order to produce a large crop.


olive oil harvesting

The harvesting of olives occurs from November through January. In order to get low acidity olive oil, the harvest starts early when the olives are green and spicy. These early olive yields produce less olive oil, however are full of phenolic antioxidants, special flavor and refined aroma.

Extraction & Bottling

olive oil extraction bottling

Firstly, we harvest the olives from the groves and bring them to the olive mill. Then, we analyze them for quality and quantity. The first step in the production line is washing. In the next phase, the olives proceed to the stainless steel crusher, which crushes the entire olive into an olive paste. The next step, is to transfer the paste to a large steel tank for malaxation. The tank contains a large steel rotator that constantly stirs the paste. Meanwhile we don’t let the heat passes 27 degrees Celsius. The last step takes place in the centrifuge, the flesh of the olive along with the pit is separated from the juice of the olive. After that, the olive oil is ready to bottling,


Studies show that koroneiki variety is the richer variety in concentration of polyphenols. Furthermore, experts agree that olive oil -especially extra virgin- is good for you. In addition to, it contains modest amounts of vitamins E and K and plenty of beneficial fatty acids and is fairly nutritious. Along with, extra virgin olive oil shines in its antioxidant content.

For instance:

  • Protects from heart diseases,
  • Controls cholesterol,
  • Helps the function of liver and bile,
  • Delays the ageing of our body,
  • Improves the absorption of vitamins,
  • Works against peptic ulcer