olive tree ready to harvest

The name Aquila (eagle) came from the Latin language, which is the basis of Greek. The eagle is the tallest branch of the olive tree. A priest blesses the branch and then we return it to the field at the end of the harvest so that the next year’s harvest will be successful.


olive tree

In 1891 our grandfather was the first to plant Koronean olives in our village of Raches. Since then, the Lyberopoulos family has continued cultivating and harvesting the olive tree with passion for the trees and love for the land. Olive oil is the most important ingredient of our daily diet. So in 2019 we made the decision to share the emotions that cause you when you taste it.


Our family harvesting time

Our family all these years cultivates the olive groves, lives from and for the olive oil. Me and my brother’s grew up next to this blessed tree. The tastes, the aromas and the colors are engraved to our childhood memories.